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HAI YI Machinery Technology Co Ltd falls in the field of import and export in 

technology and products.Like manufacturing of pump,Valves,mechanical equipment

,water supply equipment, electronic controlof frequency conversion equipment, 

electronic control of frequency conversion equipment for 29 years.Our company

 integrates scientific research, develoment, production, distribution and service.



    HAI YI Machinery Technology Co Ltd widely applied in the area of oil & gas, petrochemical, refinery, power plant, water treatment, wastewater treatment, 
pulp & paper, and other major industries. Our customers are covers all over the world, including South America, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and etc.

We have a team of qualified, experienced and talented researchers & engineers. We are committed to sparing no efforts to ensure that our actuators 

are the simplest to operate and the highest reliable to work with.

Our aim is to provide the industry with high-quality and cost-effective pump andvalve and maximize customer’s value. We persist on continuous

 improvement and product innovation to keep our competitiveness.OEM is acceptable for us.